The Benefits of Electric Vehicles

With the popularity of electric vehicles, the costs of owning one are coming down rapidly. The reason is that drivers can enjoy a lot of benefits by making the switch. EVs offer a lot of benefits, such as savings on tax, fuel, and maintenance costs, just to name a few. These cars can save you tons of money. Let’s take a look at some common benefits of an EV.

Cost of Electric Cars

EVs provide excellent value for money over the long term. If you are looking for a cheaper but more efficient way of traveling, EVs are your best bet. Based on the model you want to opt for, the cost of this purchase varies. However, you can buy a model within your budget limits.

Cheaper Maintenance

Although the prices of electric vehicles are similar to diesel or petrol cars, they don’t cost that much as far as running them is concerned. They come with tax incentives, government grants, better fuel efficiency, and reduced maintenance costs.

Vehicles that run on battery power offer the highest fuel efficiency. Typically, these cars have three primary parts: motor, inverter and the on-board charger. So, the car doesn’t go through a lot of wear and tear.

Better for the Environment

Electric cars have no tailpipe emissions, which makes them better for the environment than traditional vehicles. A plug-in hybrid vehicle has an electric motor and a small battery that can allow you to travel for 30 miles.

The advancement in technology helps make vehicles that are more eco-friendly, quieter and efficient.

Quick Charging

You can charge your EV at your home in an efficient manner. After you have installed a charging unit outside your home, you can charge your electric vehicle in a few hours. Most EVs can be charged in just 8 to 12 hours. With rapid chargers, the charging time can be reduced to under an hour.

High-end models can provide a driving experience of up to 500 miles after the unit has been fully charged. So, you can have tons of fun for hours.

A Quieter Driving Experience

When you start an electric car, one of the major things that you will experience is the quietness of the car. Since there will be no vibrations, you can enjoy a relaxing, comfortable driving experience.

All EVs feature instant torque. You will get a quick response from the car the moment you will hit the accelerator. So, these vehicles are an ideal choice if you drive mostly in the city.

The Future of Vehicles

Since EVs offer numerous advantages over traditional vehicles, they will replace the conventional vehicles down the road. With the passage of time, the charging time will be reduced to minutes and the range will be extended significantly. So, people will only buy electric cars.

So, if you are thinking of buying an electric car, we suggest that you go ahead and make this purchase. Although these cars cost more to purchase, they can save a lot of money on fuel and maintenance.

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Toyota Yaris 2020 Model – JDM

Yaris 2020 What’s New!
For the first time Toyota Japan will launch “Yaris” this Feb 10,2020. Since last 120 years Yaris has been most favorite second car. Obviously Toyota is introducing “Toyota Safety Sense” features which support the driver and passenger safety and obviously reduces risks of accidents

Advanced parking assistance system
makes parking more smooth.

The camera and sonar control the steering, accelerator, and brake operations, assisting the parking operation until parking is completed while monitoring the surroundings. For the first time this will make your car compatible with spaces with memory function and no demarcation lines.

Toyota Yaris 2020
Yaris 2020

Pre-crash safety (collision avoidance support type with pedestrian [day and night] / bicycle driver [day] detection function / millimeter wave radar + monocular camera method)

Newly supports detection at intersections, supporting no collision.
Radar and camera detect vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. When there is a danger of collision, an alarm is issued to support the avoidance operation. In addition, it is also compatible with new vehicles and pedestrians crossing the intersection.

Lane tracing assist [LTA]
Supports steering operation as if driving in the center of the lane.

When the white line (yellow line) is difficult to see or cannot be seen, it follows the preceding vehicle and supports steering operation. It is safe not only for white lines but also when it is likely to run off the boundaries of asphalt and curbstones.

TNGA compact package

The concept is “light, small and easy to handle”. The first TNGA platform in a compact car. Thoroughly removed waste, condensed into a compact body with ease of driving, excellent handling stability, high fuel efficiency, and dynamic styling.

Watch your car even when you are away

Even if you are away from your car, you will be notified immediately if there is any trouble. This is a safe service that allows you to watch the car even when you are far away, such as door locks and parking position confirmation.


1.0L Gasoline CVT – Fuel Economy (WLTC Mode) 20.2 km/l

Hybrid 1.5L Gasoline + Motor – Fuel Economy (WLTC Mode) 35.4 km/l

1.5L Gasoline 6MT – Fuel Economy (WLTC Mode) 21.6 km/l

1.5L Gasoline CVT – Fuel Economy (WLTC Mode) 21.4 km/l

Yaris 2020
Toyota Yaris Japan
Those Designs that Captivate

The Japanese car market is overflowing with distinct new designs with AI just around the corner. These designs and features that captivate ones brain showing the wider audience why Japanese are called the innovators and world leaders of automotive industry. With their out of this world makes and models, some are just too hot to handle. Even the Used car market in Japan is still in the line of producing the high performance driven cars, making the competition closer to the client and their needs and making sure they fit. And if interested by one of these used cars, the search and fit to client is so simple. Buy a car yourself without any intermediary dealer and save money. You can select from online Japan used car auctions and decide according to your budget price! Purchase your next used cars direct from Japan and benefit like most of the other Private customers.

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